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CS:GO Preview: Swedish Derby Hits ECS S3

In every sport there’s that special match that everyone sits down and pays attention to. That’s what Fnatic vs NiP is in Counter-Strike. Both teams have been at the very top of the CS:GO food chain and both teams know what to expect in the Swedish derby. It’s much more than just points in a league, there’s bragging rights at stake as well.

Tonight, we face off against NiP in ECS Season 3. It’s still very early on in the season but points are desperately needed if we want to catch up to the league leaders Astralis and FaZe. Since the return of JW and Flusha things have been steadily improving for us and in the last 3 months we have gone 32/0/25 in all competitions. It’s not where we want to be, but it’s close!

On the other side of the fence, things haven’t been going great for NiP who’ve been without rhythm for a while now. Draken has come into the fold and it’s given them a much needed boost in performance. But, it hasn’t completely fixed their issues. A recent 16-2 loss to Dignitas highlighted some major pitfalls that we’ll be looking to exploit tonight.

Photo credit: HLTV.org

As usual, the line ups are stacked with mountains of experience, but one things for sure, this rivalry match is never easy and the team will have to dig deep to get the job done. Players to watch tonight are: JW & Draken. Both can step up and use the AWP to its full potential and with the maps being Inferno and Cobblestone, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for both players to snatch the momentum for their team, which is massively important getting onto Cobble.

Match Details:

Tournament: ECS Season 3

Start Time: 21:00 CEST

Maps: Inferno & Cobblestone