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CS:GO Roster Update: Olofmeister Departs.

Just over 3 years ago, one of the greatest talents to ever grace Counter Strike made the switch from LGB Gaming to Fnatic. Olof ‘Olofmeister’ Kajbjer has simply been astonishing in that time, a star player of arguably the most dominant CS:GO roster in history.

Olofmeister would go on to win back to back Majors in Katowice and Cologne respectively, as well as HLTV’s best player of 2015. Even now he sits as one of only 5 players to achieve legend status at every single CS:GO Major.

When Counter Strike is mentioned in conversation, it’s hard to avoid talking about Olofmeister. He is a Fnatic icon, and an icon of esports. He has helped bring the scene to new levels of exposure through his skill, his stardom and his relationship with his fans.

Today we bid a very fond farewell to a dear friend. Olofmeister departs the team to continue his story with FaZe Clan. This isn’t a decision that has been taken lightly; he has brought so much to the team and organisation over the years. His ability, grit and dedication - particularly in the wake of recovery from injury - has been unparallelled. When the legendary roster reunited, we were all so optimistic about what was to come. However, following a lot of hard work and practice, and some tough-to-take tournament results, the team reached a crossroads. It was then agreed by everyone that change was necessary, with fresh talent and a new direction needed to move forward.

Coming into the team, we’re pleased to welcome one of our Academy graduates. Maikil ‘Golden’ Selim will be joining the Pro roster, bringing an injection of youth to the team as well as his natural ability as an in-game leader. The team had of course been keen to define an IGL for some months now, unsuccessfully rotating the role between the roster in tournaments gone by. In making this change, it was incredibly important that we select the right profile of player to fill the slot, so to now see one of our younger talents stepping up is incredibly satisfying.

Golden comes into the fold.

In that same vein, we’re delighted to welcome Andreas ‘Samuelsson’ Samuelsson who will be taking the reigns as Team Manager. He has already proven himself to be a great asset in his time with the Academy so we’re excited to see him joining our coach, Jumpy, on the big stage.

You’ll be able to see Golden in action with the boys we take to the stage at DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017, followed by ELEAGUE in mid September.

Once again, we’d just like to say thank you to Olofmeister. Some of the memories we’ve shared together; they’re once in a lifetime moments. As you move onto the next chapter in your career with FaZe, we want to wish you the very best of luck and hope you’re able to make new memories in the years to come.

"On a day like this it's impossible to not look back at the amazing run Olof has had in Fnatic, and needless to say we are immensely proud and thankful for his contributions both on and off the server. Personally it's been so rewarding to follow and support Olof's incredible journey, entering our organisation 3 years ago as one of Sweden's hottest talents, and gradually growing into one of the esport world's absolute superstars.

Today also marks a new chapter that we are eager to enter after an extended period of unsatisfactory results. Counter-Strike is always changing and we sincerely believe that the roster changes we are facilitating now will put us on back on course to the highest level of competition. Golden will absorb the IGL role that for a long while has been vacant in our team. Naturally it's big shoes to fill but he has our full support to lead the team into the many challenges we have to come.

I want to use this moment to send my biggest thanks to Olof for everything he has done for us and the team. We all look forward to following your incredible career going forward. Please also join me in giving Golden and Samuelsson a warm welcome. The Golden era starts now." - Patrik ‘cArn’ Sättermon

To Fnatic and all of my fans,

Thanks for 3 of the best years of my life.

After a lot of contemplation, I have decided to step down from Fnatic and take on new challenges with Faze Clan. It has been a very hard decision to leave the organization that I love and the organization that has given me so much in terms of winnings, experience, friends, fans and great times.

As good as it has been I have during the last months felt a slight lack of motivation, or rather positive nervousness, that I felt when I first joined Fnatic. I want that feeling back and feel that the only remedy is to try something new.

There are a few people that I would like to thank. First, all the people at Fnatic for always believing in me and supporting me and the team no matter what. To cArn the best organization lead in the business and one of the best persons I have ever met. To all of my teammates in Fnatic, current and past, for the great times and fantastic counter-strike we performed. To the 6th player in our team - the fans. Without you I would never have performed as good, been as motivated or had as much fun as I have had during my time in Fnatic. You make it all worthwhile.

I hope one day to be able to return to Fnatic but for now I turn the page on a new chapter in my career - the one with the Faze Clan. A new beginning that I look forward to with that feeling of excitement I have been longing for.

See you in game and in the arena.


Olof ‘Olofmeister’ Kajbjer

Ps. And maybe, just maybe, people will remember a Olofmeister flick