After winning GAMERZ Season 2, the groundbreaking esports reality TV series, in March 2018, Matej ‘MaTaFe’ Fekonja, Johan ‘Meddo’ Lundborg, Alexander ‘AlekS’ Andersson, Adam ‘ec1s’ Eccles and Hubert ‘CaNNiE’ Ludwig were offered an opportunity to join the Fnatic Academy programme. But, first, the players needed to pass a rigorous 30-day trail with a boot camp in Jönköping.

Four of the players passed the boot camp test and have since then been coached by Stefan ‘StSander’ Andersson and the rest of the Fnatic Counter-Strike team. Niels ‘luckeRRR’ Jasiek, formerly of BIG, joined the team as our final player. We have since seen the players develop as people and players; we are glad they had the chance to both learn and have been given a taste of what it is to be professional CS:GO players.

However, due to the changed multi-ownership rules adopted by Valve in regards to CS:GO, we must sadly divest from the Academy team. Four of the five players have decided to continue playing as a team. MaTaFe, luckeRRR, AlekS and ec1s will be joined by former GAMERZ participant Kamil on a trial basis, whilst Meddo will be leaving the team.

To Matej, Johan, Alexander, Adam, Niels, Hubert and Stefan, we wish you only the best in the future. It was a pleasure to see you grow under the Black and Orange and we know you’ll be able to use what you’ve learnt to flourish in your Counter-Strike careers.

“Firstly, I'd like to thank Fnatic for giving us this amazing opportunity to play under their brand, the help and support that was given over the time that we spent together was great and it provided us with a lot of extra opportunities to prove ourselves even more and to get our names out there.

The staff were also very supportive of us and cheered us on in our games, which was very encouraging for us as players. Although we developed a lot as players and people as our time in Fnatic ends, it opens a new chapter for us and we are excited for the future together!” - Adam ‘ec1s’ Eccles

“This project was a great opportunity for us! With the guidance and support of Fnatic, we were able to improve and develop ourselves as a team and as individuals.

Unfortunately, this chapter has come to an end, which means we must now search for a new organisation to represent.” - Matej ‘MaTaFe’ Fekonja

“It has been an honour to work with such talented up and coming players. Even though the journey in Fnatic was short, the guys made huge progress, both individually and as a team.

I know that all of them can go very far in the careers if they keep working hard with the right mindset. I wish them nothing but the best in the future!” - Andreas “Samuelsson“ Samuelsson, Fnatic CS:GO Team Director