Ahead of our participation at ESL One New York, we make a change to our starting CS:GO roster with Robin ‘flusha’ Rönnquist moving to a substitute position and Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom coming in as his stand-in.

This move marks a huge chapter change in Fnatic Counter-Strike’s long legacy. Flusha has been involved in some of the greatest moments in Fnatic’s history. But, with FACEIT Major’s soon conclusion, we begin plans for the new season, with a fresh Major cycle and the beginning of the ECS and EPL winter seasons.

We have not taken this decision with a light heart. Recent results, culminating in our failure to reach Legend Status for the first time during the Major in London this month, have led us to begin work towards a revised team culture within Fnatic and thus moving towards instilling a new sense of stability in the team. We hope to establishing Fnatic as the world-renowned name in Counter-Strike that we have seen before and towards which we believe we should always be striving.

As such, flusha, a legend of Fnatic and Counter-Strike in his own right, will be taking a place on our bench as we review and explore his future. ScreaM, known colloquially as the “One-tap God”, comes in on a short-term basis.

As one of the favourite faces in the global CS:GO scene, ScreaM is a man who requires very little introduction. The 24-year old Belgian most recently played for Team EnvyUs before the team was disbanded this June.

The team will be playing at ESL One New York on 26th-30th September. More news concerning the future of Fnatic Counter-Strike will be established in October as we look further into the future and towards IEM Katowice, the next Major in February 2019.