With our return to the Cathedral of Counter-Strike, ESL One Cologne coming up, we can today announce the arrival of William ‘draken’ Sundin to our Counter-Strike team!

The 22-year old AWPer will join the team immediately as they begin a busy schedule, meaning Maikil ‘Golden’ Selim steps back into a substitute role as we explore his option for the future.

Draken first made his mark on the Counter-Strike scene by winning the WCA 2016 World Finals with Epsilon Esports, which would later earn him a move to Ninjas in Pyjamas, where he played alongside our recently returning in-game leader, Richard ‘Xizt’ Landström.

“I am incredibly proud and happy to be joining Fnatic. I not only look forward to playing with Xizt again - who has proven he can be one of the very best IGLs - but also to playing beside the legends, Krimz, Flusha and JW!

I have had a fantastic time with NiP during which I have learnt an incredible amount and developed personally. But, now, a new chapter begins.” - William ‘draken’ Sundin

We thank Golden profusely for his part in Fnatic history. We will always remember him leading the team to IEM Katowice and WESG victories, and we hope his incredible journey so far will inspire Counter-Strike and esports fans around the world.

“Two years ago, I started in the Fnatic Academy and one year later I joined the main Fnatic team playing with players I’ve always looked up to. But now, my time in the Fnatic starting lineup has come to an end. I wish for my former teammates the best of luck in their future endeavours.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and, of course, I give a big thank you to the management and the players at Fnatic.

My ambition and goals remain high. Changes like these can be dispiriting, especially as this is a first for me, but I’m highly motivated to continue playing at a high level.

I see this now as an opportunity to grow as a player and a leader, as I believe I have a lot more to show. I need to take the experience I gained into the right direction for a future home to represent.

Last but not least, thank you to every Fnatic fan who followed the journey I took from Academy to where we are today.” - Maikil ‘Golden’ Selim

Golden first arrived to the Black and Orange back in 2016, when he began leading our then newly-formed Academy line-up. He moved up to become the IGL of our main roster just under a year later, helping us back to lifting trophies.

“Firstly, I want to thank Maikil for everything we have achieved together. He has the biggest heart of all people I’ve ever met. He is a role model for young people across the world. He came from basically nothing to our Academy team to finally leading our main roster within only one year.

Everyone can reach their dreams with hard work and dedication. I wish him only the best going forward and I am 100% sure his future team will be nothing but happy with his contribution.

I also want to welcome William to our team. William will take over the main AWP role and JW will play as a hybrid. With this, we think that our CT sides will be very strong now with two great AWPs.

We believe that we have the fire power required to achieve our goal, to be the best team in the world with William in our roster. I hope fans are as excited for the future as I am!” - Andreas ‘Samuelsson’ Samuelsson, Counter-Strike Team Director

You can see the new-look team play for the first time at ESL One Cologne, which commences 3rd July.