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Deezer Joins As Exclusive Music Streaming Partner

Get your FNATIC Duels on and turn that dial up to 11!

Today we’re stoked to announce our first ever music partner, with streaming giant Deezer bringing the party to the FNATIC family. Now, players will have a closer than ever relationship with their fans, connecting with them in real-time to share all of their personal playlists across Europe, North America and Asia.

“As a majority of FNATIC fans already listen to music while gaming, Deezer is the perfect community platform for gamers who want to combine their love of gaming as well as their favorite songs, giving music lovers an opportunity to also discover their Flow” - Ralph Pighin (Vice President Central & Eastern Europe, Deezer)

Founded in Paris just over 10 years ago, the platform has grown exponentially to one of the most popular music streaming services worldwide. With 12 million active users globally, Deezer gives instant access to one of the largest and most diverse global music streaming catalogue on any device.

“We're extremely excited to enter into a partnership with Deezer, a leading and innovative music streaming service. Music makes an important part of everyone's life and so is gaming for our massive fanbase. Deezer's passion for music makes it a perfect fit for Fnatic. Our partnership enables us to enhance the experience of Fnatic and esports fans alike and will see us breaking new grounds in esports partnerships” - Wouter Sleijffers (CEO, Fnatic)

You can sign up free to Deezer now and gain instant access to over 40 million tracks!