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Congratulations to the ten winners of the 2019 Fnatic Easter Egg Hunt!

Our Top 3 fastest hunters were:

1. Martin Száler
2. Lucas Prins
3. Mike Hofland

A huge thank you to our sponsors - Fnatic Gear, AMD, DxRacer, Florpad, ViewSonic and Sansar - for creating a prize pool worth over 2000€ in an Easter Egg Hunt that took thousands on a hunt around the world wide web.

Here is the reveal you all have been waiting for!


We started the journey with a true legend:

Kicking it off, a video that hit us right in the feels.

A fatherly figure, a black and orange legend,

And a heart to heart on wheels.

Video: Youtube

A fatherly figure: Rekkles’ dad

A black and orange legends: Rekkles

Heart to heart on wheels: Car


In the description your next clue was found:

Your first letter: S

The most recent part of our uniform.

Black & orange outside-in. You'll look cool, but feel warm!

Recent uniform: Fnatic Pro-Kit piece

Black & orange outside-in. You'll look cool, but feel warm!: Player Jacket 2019


The bunny left a clue in the reviews before he dashed off to the next:

A man's dream came true!

It was the most perfect of days.

So Ryze to the occasion, get Radeon active, just hop on the Tube!

Man’s dream came true: Fan

Perfect of days: Fan Day

So Ryze[...], get Radeon active: AMD

Hop on the Tube: YouTube


Inside the description you found the next clue:

Your second letter: C

Are these clues twisting you around?

We're only now gearing up.

In-game, it's all about hitting heads.

In this challenge, it's all about the grammar.

Twisting you around: Gustav Simon ‘Twist’ Eliasson

Now gearing up: Fnatic Gear

Hitting heads: CS:GO

It’s all about the grammar: Instagram


If you looked closely, you were able to find the bunny in the comment section:

For this one we will just tell you straight up what to do.

Go to our virtual Bunkr and Power walk through!

Behind the wall, you will find the clue.

Virtual Bunkr: Fnatic Meta Bunkr by Sansar

Power: Giorgio ‘Pow3r’ Calandrelli

Walk through: Walk into the picture of Pow3r

Behind the wall: Clue location


Your third letter: O

If you've been struggling so far on the path you've found,

we're introducing now a new Black and Orange lifeline.

Up the octane, become legendary.

We’re introducing: Welcoming

New Black and Orange: New team

Become legendary: Apex Legends


Hylissang and DJ are legends of the role.

But this one lifts every Fnatic team up!

The real MVP when it comes to support.

Hylissang and DJ: Support players

Lifts every Fnatic team up: Chair


Your fourth letter: P

Beneath your steady, four-wheeled beast, a red carpet does not withstand the wear.

In black and in orange, only one thing protects your stage during your digital warfare.

Beneath your steady, four-wheeled beast: Under your gaming chair

A red carpet does not withstand the wear: Florpad

In black and in orange: Fnatic


Like a sonicboom, you're almost there.

You have one last view to admire and monitor.

Where must you go to see europe's instant photo expanse?

There was a time we once went to France.

Like a sonicboom: ViewSONIC

One last View to admire: VIEWsonic

Europe’s: viewsonic.EUROPE

Instant photo expanse: Instagram

We once went to France: Paris Games Week


You've made it!

Here you find your fifth and final letter: E

Combine and you'll see.

Send what you've found to [email protected]

and start your email with HAPPY FNATIC EASTER!

Will you be one of the first ten?

The magic word: SCOPE

50+ people made it this far!

It took our fastest bunny 1 hour and 27 minutes.

The time difference between 1st and 2nd was 6 minutes.

We hope you enjoyed the epic Easter Egg Hunt through the midst of our social media space.

Congratulations again to the fastest 10 bunnies!

A huge thank you to our incredible partners who made this journey possible!