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Congratulations to the ten winners of the 2018 Fnatic Easter Egg Hunt!

A huge thank you to our sponsors - Fnatic Gear, DXRacer, Monster Energy, AMD, Ballistix and Deezer - for creating a prizepool worth over 2000€ in an Easter Egg Hunt that took thousands on a hunt around our social media sphere.

We took you through a journey through times gone by till, eventually, you reached the end of your poetic journey.

If you couldn't make it all the way through, we here to explain the adventure!


We started the journey to find a Viking in a Red Jacket. We hoped you'd find the Viking instantly.

That Viking: Rekkles
The Red Jacket: that iconic Worlds player jacket
You find him instantly: Instagram


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In the comments of this now famous image, we told you another story in the comments.

Back to glory they came and took back the crown.
They beat their old friend and left the enemy -
Face down.
So, where can you find the next clue?
It should be easy to find, even for YOU.

The returning glory: IEM Katowice
An old friend: Olofmeister
Face down: FaZe Clan
Easy for you: YouTube


In the description, another tale was found.

So, you are now in a HURRY,
To find the next step, speed is the KEY, never stop, GO B!

To hurry, you must: Rush
It's key: Keyboard
If you go B, you: Rush B


You've made it this far and proven yourself.
The first magic letter we bestow to you: S.

Our record selector and supportive director,
Talked ancient defence with our allies in energy.
He told them his story and gave all the answers,
Go read from their Book and you'll see.

Our Record Selector: Djardel Jicko B. "DJ" Mampusti
Supportive Director: Support player for DOTA
Ancient Defence: Defence Of The Ancients
Allies in Energy: Monster Energy
The book to read: Facebook


Another hurdle, another letter for you.
This time, we give you: T.

They windy boys promised to sing,
If they would win.
To keep a promise is important, they say.
So the band kept their word for, all along,
They all wanted it that way.

Our Windy Boys: Heroes of The Storm roster
The singing promise: With a Mid-Season Brawl win, they promised a song
They wanted it that way: Oh, come on, you know the Backstreet Boys


Well, aren't you getting good at this?
For that, we allow you an: R.

The strike team was filmed during their military training...
"Go nuts! Go Crazy! Go Ballistic!" Screamed the Major.
YOU are RAMS, not sheep!

Our Strike Team: CS:GO roster
Their military training: Their boot camp
If they go ballistic: Ballistix Gaming
The screaming Maior: CS:GO Major
And YOU: YouTube
You're Rams: Ballistix RAM


You trully are an adventurer,
We cannot deny you this: E.

For years he was our glowing light.
Déterminé, eXcellente, Rationnel - a leader exemplified,
We recorded him once, building a throne,
From that he would shine so bright.

A throne with D, X and R = DXRacer
Superlatif français - a leader: a French captain
He shone so bright: YellowStar


The chapters are closing, you can taste the end,
Another letter for you, an: A.

Friends are great, bros are better,
And with these two it was bromantic overload.
This febrile friendship may be rekindled,
Sometime in the future we hope.
An old photo, names on their backs,
Powered by Advanced Micro Devices.

Find this and you are one step closer to those sweet sweet prizes.

Our febrile, rekindled bromance: Febiven and Rekkles
The power of Advanced Micro Devices: AMD


So close to the finish.
You're almost there,
You have all you need to win, fair and square.

Five letters, you have collected,
You cannot be dejected.
The last, it is a: K.

The magic word: STREAK

If you made it this far, you completed the epic Easter Egg Hunt through the midst of our social media space.

We hope you had fun trying, and congratulations again to those who made it by fastest!

A huge thank you, again, to our incredible partners who made the journey so epic.