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EU LCS: Live Coverage

The final week of the Summer Split regular is here and looking back it's insane to see how much we've improved. At the end of Spring we'd hobbled into a playoff spot, now we are only one series win away from locking 1st place in Group A and a Semi-Final spot at playoffs!

The last hurdles as it were that now sit in our way are none other than NiP, a team with nothing to lose and G2, one with everything left to gain.

On the face of it, the clash with NiP might seem like a bit of a formality. The last time we played eachother, we needed sOAZ to go off with Jarvan to set up the win, the veteran leading from the top as we cut a less than clean 2-0 victory.. Now that the roster has settled further into standard meta picks and more than established it's dominance in the league, we're pretty damn confident that we'll pull away the result we need on Thursday night.

We've fought all split for the European throne and while playoffs still loom, taking down NiP will surely put to bed who are the true kings. With a win under our belt, nothing will feel better come Saturday when we take to the stage for a Summoner's Rift Victory Parade around the G0-2 base!

If G2(ndplace) don't manage to take down ROCCAT, or fail to beat us on the weekend then they can't secure first. Conversely, if we take a series, or even just a game from both of the final week's opponents, then Fnatic will still take the top spot.

We can't wait. It's been far too long since FNC was on the Wall of Champions. Winning Group A would be a massive step towards that!