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EU LCS Preview: FNC vs. G2

The Summer Split matchup everyone’s been waiting for!

Fnatic vs G2.

We all know what this clash means for the teams, for the fans and; what it means for EU LCS summit. One thing’s for sure - the former kings of Europe are coming back for their throne.

This is the closest we’ve been in a while to achieving that. Since our Spring resurgence the boys have only gotten stronger, with tonight’s opponents the only team to take games from us since the beginning of playoffs.

Photo credit: Riot Games

They’re in a less than optimal spot right now as well. Despite grabbing a week 1 win over ROCCAT, G2 Esports have been short of team members - the Korean contingent in Trick and Expect were granted some extra time off to spend with family while Perkz only just returned to Berlin following a bout of illness. They’ll be out of practice, sure, but with the calibre of player that runs through their roster they absolutely need to be respected.

In the meantime, we’ve hit the ground running. In our opening set of matches we were dominant and typically aggressive in style, Misfits and NiP unable to cope with our superior scaling and macro. We’ll need to carry on that same level to take G2 to the edge, but given how far we pushed the Spring Split champions back in April, we’re in a great position to do just that.

The big focus will once again home in on the midlane. Perkz looked in fine form at the Midseason Invitational, going toe to toe with the likes of Faker, Maple and Bjergsen. At the same time, Caps proved to be a great thorn in the Croatian’s side in Spring. His own improvement has been telling, now not only known for his solo-kill highlights but for what he offers when the team comes together. You only need to look at the reel from the NiP series to see that.

This series won’t decide the Split but what it will do is show how our teams stack up against each other. We want to come home with the win though, and set the tone for Summer early on.