FIFA 20 is on the horizon but you can't look too far ahead just yet. The FIFA eWorld Cup isn't far away and both of our Fnatic Roma players have a chance of booking their place in the biggest tournament of the year. All they have to do is perform well at the PlayStation FIFA Global Series Playoffs being hosted in Berlin between July 12-14.

The Playoffs see the top 60 players from the PlayStation Global Series Rankings as well as four invited players from FIFA Online 4. The winner will take home $75,000 but that is only a bonus to the crucial prize: 1,800 Global Series Points. After the Playoffs, the top 16 PlayStation players in the rankings will attend the eWorld Cup in hopes of proving themselves as the greatest FIFA 19 players on the planet.

Both Damian "Damie" Augustyniak and Simon "Zimme" Nystedt have a chance of reaching the finals though it's going to be a lot harder for the latter. It's been a mixed season for Swedish star Zimme who represented Tottenham Hotspur in the ePremier League and recently picked up a confidence boost after winning the ESL Country Cup but has otherwise struggled.

Zimme finds himself 40th in the rankings trailing 16th place FUTWIZ Marko by 818 points meaning anything but a top two finish won't be enough for the Swede. A second place finish with a prize of 1080 may be enough but realistically Zimme will have to beat the world's best PlayStation players and lift the trophy if he wants to advance.

Damie on the other hand has a reasonably good chance of breaking into the stop 16 considering he is only three places away. The Polish pro is currently 19th with 1885 FIFA Global Series Points, meaning he will need at least 171 points more than Marko to qualify. However, with big points available a lot of players will be climbing up the rankings so Damie will have to reach the later stages of the tournament to securely lock his place.

Damie has had a strong season with solid finishes in the ePremier League and ELEAGUE Cup as well as a trophy win at the West Ham Esports Cup hosted in the Premier League team's London Stadium.

The Playoffs will be tough but both of our players are capable, make sure to tune in at 12:30pm CET on July 12th to cheer the boys on!