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Fnatic Dota: The Post TI Shuffle

‘Tis the season for the roster swap and following Team Liquid’s triumph at TI7, almost every top team around the world is deep in the thick of the post-International shuffle.

It’s no secret that results didn’t go the way we had hoped in Seattle. Yes, it was a big achievement to even make it to the event, but to crash out in the group stage was not the standard that Fnatic fans have come to expect.

We’ve been back to the drawing board over the past few weeks, profiling what sort of players - and what sort of team we want to secure as we prepare for the new season.

At our core, the pairing of Ohaiyo and DJ was always incredibly important to lock down. They forge a solid foundation for the roster, both in their world class ability and in significance to the Fnatic legacy.

Joining them are new faces in Jacky ‘EternalEnVy’ Mao and Johan ‘pieliedie’ Åström who both come into the team from Cloud9. Juggernauts in their own right, the pair’s résumé speaks for itself: champions at the 2016 Shanghai Major, finalists at Frankfurt 2015 as well as multiple tournament wins across the globe. We’re super excited to have the two on board and eager to see the direction they take the team in!

Pieliedie joins the roster from Cloud9 along with long time team-mate, EternalEnVy.

Photo credit: ESL

As we looked to secure our final position on the roster, we profiled several different candidates, each bringing their own individual style. One in particular shone, particularly in how he fit with the rest of the roster.

We’re delighted to welcome back Steve ‘Xcalibur’ Ye to the lineup. An extremely talented young midlaner, Xcalibur has dominated the European DotA ladder in recent times. If you can cast your minds back as far back as 2014, you’ll remember he played as stand-in for our .EU roster so we’re ecstatic to see a familiar face returning. Highly driven and still really in the early stages of his career, Xcalibur has heaps of potential.

1. EternalEnVy
2. Xcalibur
3. Ohaiyo
4. DJ
5. Pieliedie

"The past year has been very difficult for us in-game and out. While I was glad that we were able to make it to TI, ultimately we did not perform to standard the rest of the teams were setting. Some of the problems we identified were that we were lacking a proper playstyle and obvious in-game leader. Due to that, we have decided to bring in Envy, Pieliedie and Xcalibur. I am personally very excited for this roster and the depth we have heading into the new season. I hope that with this new line-up, we’ll able to try harder and also bring in a lot more consistency than we had before." - Xin Khoo ‘Ohaiyo’ Chong

"My first splash in the competitive scene was as a standin 3 years ago with the Fnatic EU team. Now I'm getting another opportunity with Fnatic's Southeast Asian roster. I'll be playing with great and established players and I'm hoping to learn lots and prove myself. I'm looking forward for a great season and I'm happy to be representing Fnatic." - Steve ‘Xcalibur’ Ye

Fnatic's new additions do mean we say goodbye to players.

Obviously with the addition of three new players that does mean we must say goodbye to others. We want to give a special thanks to QO, Febby and Ahjit who today move on to new chapters in their career. All talented individuals, we’re incredibly grateful for the time we spent together, the effort they afforded us and their dedication to making the roster work.

We wish them all good fortune as they move on to new opportunities.