BUNKR LIVE - Steve Void and Jay Pryor [#FNATIC15]

The Fnatic family reaches every corner of the globe with millions of fans united over a love for esports. That was why we partnered with Sansar, a virtual reality life experience platform, to create the Fnatic Meta Bunkr - an area in VR where Fnatic fans from around the world can come together and hangout.

Big occasions always bring people together so we’re hosting a club night! Fnatic has teamed up with Virgin EMI Records two DJs to bring you live performances from DJs Steve Void and Jay Pryor with two incredible and exclusive 20 minute sets. The pair have over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify between them.

This is your chance to party with Fnatic fans from around the globe and maybe even some of our pro players. What more could you ask for? There will be amazing music, fantastic people and a chance to win one of five of the sold out #FNATIC15 Boxes packed with goodies.

Find the virtual collector’s coin inside the Meta Bunkr and you will be teleported to the Clue Room where you will be able to enter for a chance to win one of the treasure troves of celebratory products for our 15 year anniversary. The box, priced at €129.99 but worth over €200.00, contains a Fnatic 15 water bottle, mousepad, coin, New Era cap, space bar key and more including the Fnatic 15 Hoodie. For now this will be the only way to get your hands on the box if you missed out on the first sale but keep your eyes peeled, there may be a another chance soon.