FNATIC are continuing the global expansion as we enter the APAC region with Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow Six has grown into one of esports’ premier titles since its initial release at the end of 2015, with Ubisoft’s commitment to the game ultimately bringing with it a thriving professional scene.

We’re welcoming on board one of the most versatile rosters in the scene. Our new squad of Etienne ‘Magnet’ Rousseau, Jason ‘Lusty’ Chen, Ethan ‘RizRaz’ Wombwell, Matthew ‘Acez’ McHenry and Daniel ‘NeophyteR’ An have already proved their worth, dominating Australia and establishing themselves amongst the best teams down under!

Having won APAC Lan Finals by playing 53 rounds in a row, they are as tenacious as they come.

They’ll be joined by Coach, Jayden ‘Dizzle’ Saunders. On signing with FNATIC, he had this to say.

“Becoming a part of the brand FNATIC is the realisation of a dream that was completely far-fetched. To work in the industry that you love, for a company such as this is exceptionally rare. To be given the opportunity to make history with the support of it is inconceivable”.

It won’t be long either until we see these guys in competition either - the APAC Season 7 Finals hits this weekend in ESL’s Sydney studio. You can see their first matches in black and orange from 10am AEST on April 14th, the opening round seeing them fight it out against SENGOKU!

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to be establishing another team in the Asian Pacific. We’re thrilled to be redoubling our efforts in the region alongside our other operations. Needless to say this squad of guys have been a dominating force with incredible dedication to the game and with the top 8 finish at Six invitational last year we feel like this can be the start of a new dynasty team in Australian Esports.

This comes with a great challenge to continue the growth of the Aussie esports scene and Fnatic as an organisation that has gone from a home in Australia to the biggest esports organization in the world.” - Patrik ‘cArn’ Sättermon

Full Fnatic Rainbow Six Siege roster:


Etienne ‘Magnet’ Rousseau

Jason ‘Lusty’ Chen

Ethan ‘RizRaz’ Wombwell

Matthew ‘Acez’ McHenry

Daniel ‘NeophyteR’ An


Jayden ‘Dizzle’ Saunders