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EU LCS Playoffs: Fnatic LoL Secure 3rd!

Hamburg was INSAAAAAAANE! Riot went all out in Northern Germany this weekend - an amazing arena, untouchable production and immense fan support. An electric 14,000 strong crowd packed out the Barclaycard on Saturday afternoon, reminding us exactly why we give so much of ourselves to esports. Even after such a topsy-turvy split, our LCS side felt nothing but love as we rounded out Spring in (almost) the perfect way.

The boys know how strong they are. As comfort picks melded into a really tough to handle style, the team were really able to throw their weight around on the Rift, first trouncing Misfits to secure a playoff spot before sweeping aside heavyweights H2K. Defeat to G2 stung. This was still a packed out arena though, and we had a chance to put one hand on a place at Worlds - only three teams get the chance to travel to China this Autumn so it was so important we stake a claim early on.

Photo credit - Riot Games

Strong draft game continued as we took to the stage. Finlay had been doing his homework with the team, dropping everyone’s favourite tree-hugging jungler into the fray and though it didn’t immediately pay off - Kakao denying so much of the early clear - Ivern went a long way to tilting the Misfits top laner off the face of a cliff. Ganked and killed three times by 10 minutes, Alphari had been well and truly smothered, and it only enabled the split push plan. The response was to try and force fights but with the Kennen ult and SO much chained crowd control, Misfits just couldn’t answer. Aggressive. Dominant. 1-0.

After so much success with the jungle and Rekkles continuing to show why he’s so strong with Kennen, MSF failed to ban either. Shen, Twitch and Aurelion Sol were removed and to be honest, it more just showed how scary our champ pool had become.

A similar jungle invade from Kakao but AGAIN Broxah was able to adapt. Only 6 minutes in and both the enemy Graves and PoE’s Lulu had been caught by the Dane to set up an early gold lead. Hans Sama wasn’t going to roll over though. With Caps separated from the fight, Misfits collapsed on bot with the enemy AD putting a massive dent into our aggression, hard clutching for a triple. Hitting back though it was Broxah to put the pressure on again. In game 1 and 2 alone he piled up 31 assists and 100% kill participation as we prioritised objectives. With Daisy in tow and some Madlife hooks from Jesiz, the sheer numbers advantage kept the edge in our favour as we hammered down turrets and most importantly kept our own AD alive in fights.

No matter what MSF tried, Rekkles was unkillable. Patience and protection prioritisation meant our team fights were on point as we once again eased to the game win. 2-0 and match point to come!

Seeing how influential the Fnatic jungle had been, Ivern was banished for game 3, while Kakao stole away Broxah’s favoured Lee Sin. He locked in Elise while in the bot lane, Rekkles was STILL allowed his Kennen and it immediately showed. First blood dropped for him as he decimated the enemy Nami before the Spider Queen crept in to lock up a second kill on the support. Misfits botlane was at full tilt.While the opposition could compose themselves, it wasn’t enough to halt the FNC onslaught. They took a kill, we’d take the herald; one blue tower would fall and we’d drop two reds to balance the books. Whatever was thrown our way, we always found a way to adapt and respond, and that’s been the best trait of the team in these finals weeks of Spring.

Every one of the roster stepped up as we closed out 3-0, and as we said at the start, the win felt bittersweet. For how we picked ourselves up when the team was on the floor, for how rapidly we’ve all improved and how determined we were to succeed, it’s just unfortunate that we couldn’t be heading into the offseason with more.

That said, all the boys should be proud and when we come back for summer, we’re coming back for the throne.