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Fnatic LoL: Staff Updates

The start of Summer Split is edging closer, and with the Group Draft now only days away we wanted to update you on some alterations to our support staff.

As mentioned back at the beginning of May, we’d been on the hunt to secure a new Head Coach for the team to aid us in our pursuit of worlds. While the boys were out in Korea they were able to trial several great talents, one candidate in particular was able to stand out though with the team in full agreement on the choice.

We’re thrilled to announce that Dylan Falco has agreed to join the team!

Photo credit: RIOT Games

Dylan has great pedigree and a wide pool of experience behind him, with EnVyUs, Immortals and TSM packing out his resume. We feel that with his approach and understanding of the game, we are in more than safe hands as we look to build on our 3rd place in Spring.

I'm excited to be working as Head Coach for Fnatic for the summer split. After a very successful boot camp with the team in Korea, I'm confident that I'll be able to bring structure, focus, and an efficient training environment to Fnatic moving into summer split and worlds. - Dylan Falco

As well as the addition of our coach, we’ll be refreshing our analyst staff. Over the course of Spring, our backroom worked tirelessly and we’d like to express our sincere thanks for their contribution. We are currently finalising our new personnel which will be announced in due course.

Finally, our Manager and interim-coach Finlay ‘Quaye’ Stewart will be adjusting his duties. Now the Director of LoL Team Operations, he will be now be charged with many of the duties previously handled by the CGO such as player contracts, future roster alterations and the like.

Quaye moves to Director role.

Going into Summer, we did not want to make large changes to an already working system we have inside the LoL team. Having spoken to a number of potential coaches over the break, Dylan stood out as someone that shared many of my own ideas and philosophies when it came to coaching and approach to the role.

After a successful trial and bootcamp in Korea, the feedback from the players and staff was extremely positive. Dylan is essentially a better, smarter and more experienced version of myself and so I have full faith entrusting him with the LoL team.

Overall, I am extremely excited for Summer and we will have more exciting news coming up soon that the fans will love. - Finlay 'Quaye' Stewart

Right now the team is wrapping up on their preparations in Berlin ahead of the start of the Split on June 1st. We’re super excited to get going now and know we’ll do the fans proud!

*All changes to the roster and support staff are subject to RIOT approval.

*Visa pending for Dylan Falco. Finlay may take to the stage in week 1.