We welcome Petr ‘Lauty’ Lauterkranc as the latest member of the Fnatic family!

Adding to our prospering Rocket League roster, Lauty comes in as a substitute for the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series and RLCS season.

Rocket League is ever-growing as our roster is ever-improving. Having been promoted to RLCS in our first season of RL late last year, we’ve also joined the Gfinity Elite Series for Season 3.

The 18-year old will help as the extra gear to keep us rolling during our busy schedule of high octane action throughout 2018!

Lauty most recently lined up for Inspiration, who competed in the ESL BENELUX League during 2017.

Some will know of Lauty as one of few RL players to use a keyboard and mouse, so you’ll be seeing him at the Gfinity Arena in London competing with the Fnatic Gear Rush keyboard and Fnatic Gear mice!

The Rocket League boys are revving up for the start of Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 on 10th March. You’ll see them in action every Saturday morning 10am-2pm of the 8-week season.

RLCS starts up again for Season 5 on 18th March, where we’ll be competing against the likes of World Champions, Gale Force eSports.

Full Rocket League roster:

Starting roster:

Nicolai ‘Snaski’ Vistesen Andersen

Nicolai ‘Maestro’ Bang

Alexander ‘Sikii’ Karelin


Petr ‘Lauty’ Lauterkranc