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Fnatic Weekly: LoL Tighten Their Hold On Group A

Two games into cross group play now, the Fnatic LoL team are most definitely looking like the real deal.

Heading into Week 4 the team and fans alike were expecting a retaliation of sorts from an H2K side clawing for supremacy in Group B. You’ll remember the 3-0 drubbing FNC dealt in the Spring playoffs and returning for Summer, this had been a match both teams were eyeing on the calendar.

Preparation was key. Photo credit: Riot Games

Coming off the back of a loss to ROCCAT, it was almost as though we had to prove again that we were the top European side. Fans could tell as well as we hit the ground running, nullifying the H2K aggression with our own cross-map push. The preferred global of Shen had been removed as well, but that didn’t stop the next best option of Galio in having a constant multi-lane pressure.

Game 2 presented the draft problem. Galio banned out and Shen first picked by Odoamne, it was a Gragas that fell to sOAZ in his Top lane brawl. The deficit showed early on with H2K racing to a 4 kill lead. We’d managed to keep to gold relatively level, but despite an advantage from our foes in pick potential, they failed to snowball. As soon as it got to team fight situations, sOAZ was able to shine once again with Rekkles in a heavy barrel led CC chain.

An interesting match with Mysterious Monkeys came on Saturday - they’d acquired former Fnatic Academy talent in Amazing and Kikis giving an experience driven backbone to their young roster.

The difference in their play from previous weeks was staggering as well. The likes of CozQ and Yuuki60 were able to play with more confidence, their midlaner only narrowly missing out on a first blood thanks to rapid response from Broxah.

A massive difference in both games though was sOAZ. Picking Jarvan in game 1 and Camille in the second, it was refreshing to see him able to carry, and after Shennen was banned showed that there was more than one dimension to the Fnatic style catalogue. He rightfully took our MVP for the series and we’re excited to see more in what is proving to be an incredible split for the french veteran.

The Call of Duty team has an excellent weekend of play at the Sheffield Open. The UK based team, recently returned from Anaheim were on home turf as they looked for a podium before CWL stage 2 in July.

They were on form, steamrolling their way through groups on almost a clean sheet - their only game loss coming in a 3-1 trouncing of Opulent. Quickly bagging their place in the WB the momentum carried over. MRN Black and eRa were dominated and we pushed on to the winner’s bracket final, guaranteeing 3rd place. Like Birmingham though, Epsilon was a step too far as the boys ran out of steam. Given another chance for a spot in the Grand Final, we couldn’t make it past RED.

Awesome event all round though and a great way to start our preparations for Ohio!

Coming up this week we’re really hyped to see our DotA team making their way through qualifiers for TI7! So far it’s being going incredibly well, only dropping one match to Mineski in a best-of-1 and putting themselves in a very good position. Later today, they’ll take on TNC in a deciding match for who will secure South East Asia’s first spot at the biggest tournament in esports.

Should they manage it, it will be the first major achievement since securing this new, young roster.

On the LCS front, we’ll be taking on Splyce in our final match before Rift Rivals kicks off! They’re a team in a similar position to H2K - level on points in Group B and fighting hard to get their hands on a spot at worlds. We’re confident of carrying on our purple patch of form, though SPY are not a team to be trifled with.