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FNC vs H2K: Preview & Coverage

There’s two series on the schedule for the LoL team this week, but not many EU LCS matchups rival the head-to-head potential of Fnatic vs H2K.

We’ve had some explosive (and downright unpredictable) ties over the last few splits. Most recently even when a side of Fnatic that many critics and fans had counted out hit back, steamrolling our rivals 3-0 in the Spring Split playoffs.

But where do we stand right now? This is the first week of Cross Group play for Summer, so in some ways we’ll be using this to measure how the teams stack up against each other. We’re not unknown quantities by any stretch, though after an upset filled week 3 this will hopefully see each team coming in prepared and fully focused.

The loss against ROCCAT was unexpected, but the players have taken it in their stride and are determined to improve off the back of it.

There are several hype matchups across the rift this week: Caps vs Febi, Broxah taking on Jankos, but with the Rekkles insight in mind, we’re homing in on the botlane.

Jesiz has been playing out of his mind for weeks now, deservedly taking our MVP award against Misfits and being consistently solid throughout. While the eyes of the fans have largely been on the “Shennen” combo of Rekkles and sOAZ, it’s been Jesse Le’s own comfort and pocket picks that have been so important to initiations while his lightning fast reactions kept team fights alive.

Jesiz has been unbelievable. Credit: Riot Games

At the same time, Rekkles has been coming very close to his best form. Since the beginning of 2017, he has had no less than 20 deathless games and currently sits at the top of the KDA leaderboard with 14.7. Arguably the best botlane pairing in the LCS, the two are formidable.

Meanwhile, Nuclear and Chei have enjoyed their own success and have perhaps been H2K’s highlight players. The Korean duo has been outstanding in lane with the support being particularly potent, his 74% kill participation proving to make a big dent in opponents and a huge contribution to the team’s efforts at the summit of Group B.

We’re pumped for today’s series - it will not disappoint! Don’t miss it tonight, 8pm CET.