As our involvement in Fortnite grows, we’re now delighted to announce the official arrival of Christoffer ‘Jarl’ Jensen into our playing lineup.

Jarl kept to a low profile within the biggest video game phenomenon since it was released to the world exactly one year ago.

The 22-year old Dane has held consistently high ranking positions within the latest Fortnite seasons, but he now dons the Black and Orange in search of the top of the competitive scene.

“Today feels even better than my first Victory Royale. I am so proud to join Fnatic, a team that I have loved for years! I’m incredibly excited to wear the Black and Orange and make the organisation proud! #FNCWIN” - Christoffer ‘Jarl’ Jensen

Whilst playing with Fnatic Fortnite captain, Johan ‘Ettnix’ Bengtsson, Jarl has shown his calm and supportive skills as part of one of the most successful online duos in the game.

The signing of Ettnix earlier this year marked our arrival into the Fortnite scene. Since then, we’ve seen Jarl and Ettnix regularly peaking as the best duo in the world as well as Ettnix appearing in several online tournaments throughout Season 4 and 5.

“The players gathered under the Black and Orange banner represent the finest within the Fortnite community. Their individual skills have been proven across the global leaderboards and now they are eager to start preparing for the World Cup in 2019.” - Victor Bengtsson, Fortnite team manager

We also saw the Italian Georgio ‘Pow3r’ Calandrelli join the Fnatic Fortnite crew recently, after which he instantly pushed to a top 25 finish in the second Fortnite Summer Skirmish, as well as picking up an instant $10,000 for a 20-kill solo game.

As the Fortnite competitive scene ramps up towards a World Cup and more, there'll be more news incredibly soon about where the players will be!

The full Fnatic Fortnite roster:

Johan ‘Ettnix’ Bengtsson


Christoffer ‘Jarl’ Jensen


Georgio ‘Pow3r’ Calandrelli