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GFINITY | Final Rosters Locked In

Our three rosters for the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series are now set in stone.

After the Gfinity Elite Series Draft on 23rd February, we’ve added two new players to each of the Fnatic Rocket League, Fnatic Street Fighter and Roma Fnatic FIFA Gfinity line-ups.


This comes on top of signing Petr ‘Lauty’ Lauterkranc and Imad ‘Zera’ Khettab as full time members of the Rocket League and Street Fighter V squads respectively.

We announced, last week, Lauty’s arrival as the fourth gear of our Rocket League roster moving into the start of RLCS in March.

Zera joins as another member of our brand new Street Fighter V roster going into the Capcom Pro Tour throughout 2018. He’s made a name for his dominant Akuma and played for Prophecy in the last season of Gfinity.

Gfinity Elite Draft

During the American sports style draft, Fnatic Gfinity player manager, Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson picked up two players in each of the three Elite Series titles, including one PS4 and one Xbox One player in FIFA.

In Rocket League, CoJo chose Lauty’s Czech compatriot, 19-year old Marek ‘Nalmon’ Weiser, and the French 18-year old Michel ‘Hell0’ Leo, to come in to our Gfinity roster.

Added from the draft to the Street Fighter roster is the 30-year old Swede, Atra ‘Atrosh’ Azami and a fellow Londoner for team captain, Shakz in the form of Rohit ‘TheColonel’ Bhardwaj.

Donning the Roma Fnatic jerseys will be Conran ‘Rannerz’ Tobin, and, a close friend of Simon ‘Zimme’ Nystedt from Sweden, 18-year old Rasmus ‘Ralle’ Nyström. Rannerz, who will wear the number 39 shirt, will be competing on Xbox. Ralle, meanwhile, will be joining Zimme on PS4 with the number 27 shirt.

The draft rounds our roster ahead of Gfinity Elite Series season 3, which starts up on 9th March.

The regular season will run for five weeks with each discipline having one bye week, then a three week play-off stage will kick straight off.

See us every week at the Gfinity Arena in Fulham Broadway, London!

Full Gfinity Elite Series weekly schedule:

FIFA: Friday - 6:30pm-10pm

Rocket League: Saturday - 10am-2pm

Street Fighter V: Saturday - 6:30pm-10pm