With the LCS season well underway, many fans have been debating and asking about the role of Amazing and Kikis within Fnatic. As most of you know, Ninjas in Pyjamas chose not to to pick up our players after the Fnatic Academy had to be sold at the start of the Summer Split. An unfortunate decision as it left Klaj, Kikis, Amazingx, MrRallez and Nisqy without a place to compete. Nisqy has since found a new home at Team Envyus whilst MrRallez is trialing with TSM. Today we’re announcing the departure of Maurice “Amazingx” Stückenschneider and Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek from Fnatic to Mysterious Monkeys.

Both players have worn their Fnatic jerseys with pride and represented the team very well in both the EU LCS and CS. For that, a massive thank you is in order for their hard work and dedication in order to achieve the best possible results at any given time.

With this move, we are aware that we could potentially be strengthening the Mysterious Monkeys lineup right before our game against them on Saturday. However, we felt that we owe it to Kikis and Amazing and made finalising their future the priority. Waiting another week would not be fair to these players that have already given everything for the Fnatic organisation.

GL HF and we’ll see you guys on the Rift!

Photo credit: Riot Games