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Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is now live!

It’s here! Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is finally live and there’s a whole lot of awesome new content to discover. Let’s have a look at what’s available, and more importantly, what you can get for free if you’re a veteran or just a curious new player.

20 free heroes!

That’s right, no more grinding is needed to get your collection started. Blizzard lets you choose between 4 different bundles containing 20 heroes each. Are you someone who likes playing a support, bruiser or assassin? They got it covered. Can you do it all and want to play a little bit of everything? The flex bundle will be just the thing for you and all you have to do is log in to the game and grab it.

Loot chests!

Who doesn’t like opening presents? If you’ve played at least one game of HotS in the past then you’ll get 5 of these beauties when you log in. If you’ve played a lot more then you will also get epic chests, which are rewarded for every 10 hero levels reached and contain guaranteed epic content. On top of that, there are veteran chests containing legendary items for every 100 levels you’ve managed to achieve before 2.0

New cosmetic items!

There’s a lot of new stuff being added in this update and if you’re lucky and hardworking, you can get it all for free! Heroes, skins and mounts are content you’re used to but 2.0 also brings banners, sprays, emojis, voice lines and announcer packs to the nexus. All of these items can drop from loot chests and duplicate items will be turned into shards, a new currency you can use to buy cosmetic items, including legendary skins. Awesome right?


By the time you’re done exploring all of the above, it’s time to finally play some Heroes of the Storm. Things have changed there as well, as Blizzard has introduced the first ever Overwatch map to the game with Hanamura. In true Overwatch fashion, it’ll be you goal to escort the payload to its destination so you can fire missiles at the enemy core. Think of it as Towers of Doom with moving objectives and constant teamfights!

Since you’re reading this article on the Fnatic website, you’ll also be interested to know that our HGC squad played a couple of exhibitions games against Team Dignitas on the map during the launch festivities and went 4-0, showing us all just how much fun this map can be. Make sure to check out the VODs below (game start at 36 minutes).

The arrival of Genji and D.Va!

That’s right, as if these heroes had not inspired enough awesome (cos)plays in their own game, they are now joining Tracer, Zarya and Lucio on the Nexus. Genji is available right away and brings his fast and furious ninja-style gameplay that you’ve come to love (and hate) with him. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for D.Va but everyone’s favorite Overwatch hero and her mech will be available soon enough. For now, enjoy the trailer and make sure to scroll down for an exclusive interview with Fnatic’s very own Quackniix, as he gives his thoughts on the 2.0 update.

Interview with Dob "Quackniix" Engström

What are your thoughts on Genji? Are you happy to have another Overwatch hero in the game?

I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to new Overwatch heroes. Sure, they mare super cool and fun to play but I also feel that it’s really hard to balance them as their kits are straight up copies from an fps game. However, I have played him quite a bit and he is really fun to play and brings a lot of playmaking to the game which is always cool.

I think Genji’s kit might make it hard for him to fit in the current competitive meta, but I do believe he will have a spot! You just have to really understand his kit, so you know how to play/draft with and around him. Either way, only time can tell and i'm excited to show you my Genji if it becomes meta :).

Hanamura is a map that brings new gameplay. How do you like it on a competitive level?

We have only played the show matches on Hanamura, so I don't have a lot of insight yet but I think this map will actually be fine for competitive play and most likely a lot of fun to watch as it’ll mainly be about teamfights/brawling. Trading strategically and taking advantageous fights with the mercs’ "activates" will be key. I do however believe they should nerf the healing pulse because right now it’s insane.

What stands out for you in 2.0? Is there anything in there that's going to be hugely beneficial? Or anything that's poses a problem for the team?

I think that overall 2.0 is just really cool because it feels like a fresh start with loads of new features for everyone. For competitive I don't see how anything would change more than in any other big patch, so it will just be about adapting. Considering they bring Hanamura into competitive play, that’s definitely the biggest thing for sure.