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HotS | The Storm Has Ended

Following the sad news from Blizzard last week that the Heroes Global Circuit has come to an end in 2018, we say a most earnest farewell to a legendary chapter in Fnatic history.

To each and every person we met on this journey - from players to fans to staff in production and development - we say goodbye. Thank you all so much for being exactly who you are.

We laughed (a lot), we cried, we celebrated and, most of all, we were Always Fnatic.

From the very dawn of Heroes of the Storm’s esports scene at BlizzCon 2014, we have been diligent in our involvement in what grew to be a fiercely dedicated community.

It wasn’t until DreamHack Winter 2015, though, that we became the force we hope the Black and Orange will be remembered as by you. The aptly named Pirate in Pyjamas Swedish duo of Dob 'QuackNiix' Engström and Filip 'SmX' Liljeström joined forces with the long-serving Swede Pontus 'Breez' Sjögren - alongside the legendary Thomas 'Ménè' Cailleux and Daniel 'Shad' González, the former of whom saw his return in our last iteration of the team.

After that first big win, 2016 became a year of gradual growth for the Swedish trio, who were joined by Simon 'scHwimpi' Svensson and the returning Jonathan 'Wubby' Gunnarsson. It was this five that redefined the natural order of regional dominance. The Blizzcon 2016 semifinal against MVP Black, the indomitable Koreans, tipped a balance overnight. Europe, led by these five Swedes, suddenly had the belief to be the very best.

Getting to that grand final, though, was not what will make that team legendary. Winning Mid-Season Brawl 2017, when we clashed with fellow Europeans Team Dignitas in the first-and-only full European HGC Final, will undoubtedly go down as one of Fnatic’s greatest achievements.

That win - with its hometown glory, its hours of tense back-and-forth, its shift to regional dominance - was incredible. But it was what was promised afterwards that we’ll truly remember. The Quackstreet Boys:

“I want to thank Fnatic for providing me support through the best years of my life. Without them, I would never have been anywhere near where I am today professionally or personally. There is nothing but love to the great people over at Fnatic who always believed in us and supported us in every possible way. Endless opportunities have been granted to us on our journey and I feel truly been blessed to have been given this opportunity.

For now, I will look to continue my esports career somewhere else in another game. I refuse to give up before I’ve given it my all, and the dream moving forward is to rock the Black and Orange again wherever I end up.” - Filip 'SmX' Liljeström

To Kesil, Lowell, AceofSpades, Fred, Shinobu, Ménè, Wubby, Breez, SmX, QuackNiix, Shad, scHwimpi, Atheroangel, BadBenny, SonicLeBeast, LastHope, Kala and Blumbi: thank you again for representing the Black and Orange.

To the fans who arrived on the way: we hope we helped shape and define what esports means to you.

As we press Z a final time to mount up and ride away from the Nexus, with all pastures of memory receding into the horizon, we remember what it is to say farewell all so suddenly. But, and this is a word to everyone Black and Orange, we go forward to the next venture, the next Storm, in this incredible realm of esports.