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HotS Update: BadBenny and Ménè​ join the Roster

Today we announce two changes to our Heroes of the Storm roster. The last two years brought incredible prosperity, but change is necessary for evolution. 2018 will see the addition of Benjamin “BadBenny” Eekenulv and the return of Thomas "Ménè" Cailleux!

Ménè arrives in a trade from Team Dignitas, with Jonathan “Wubby” Gunnarsson going in the other direction. BadBenny joins having been released from his contract with Team Expert.

Simon “scHwimpi” Svensson is no longer on our active HGC roster going into next season.

BadBenny has made a name for himself as one of the best tanks in Europe throughout 2017 when Team expert, under his captaincy, broke into the top three of the EU HGC scene.

“It’s no surprise to anyone if I say I've always wanted to play with my fellow Swedes at Fnatic. I’ve huge respect for them all, so, when I got the opportunity to join, it was a dream come true” - Benjamin “BadBenny” Eekenulv

I've always been an admirer of Fnatic as an organisation and its players. From what I've seen whilst in Heroes, it seems like all you could wish for in a home. They also have pretty nice merch!”

Ménè is undoubtedly one of the most experienced players in the Heroes of the Storm scene, having appeared at every World Championship since 2016.

No stranger to the organisation, Ménè started his professional gaming career in a six month stint at Fnatic having joined along with Breez in July 2015.

“Since I left Fnatic a few years ago, SmX, Quackniix and Breez grew up a lot in their ambition and, given that, I’ve always wanted to play with them again." - Thomas "Ménè" Cailleux

“I’m incredibly excited to play in 2018 HGC with this Fnatic lineup. I feel like, as a player, I can improve a lot with them.”

We thank and wish SchWimpi and Wubby all the best.

In Wubby and scHwimpi, we bid a fond farewell to two pillars of one of the most successful and long-lasting teams in Heroes of the Storm history. They had fire, they had desire. But, now, we give them our best wishes in their future endeavours.

“Wubby and scHwimpi had amazing moments in our organisation and a massive impact on our success in the past two years. But all things have to come to an end to start something new." - Jan “Careion” Hoffmann

“We’re excited to welcome our two new additions to Fnatic and are looking forward to taking back the throne of the best team (and boyband) in the Nexus.”

Our full roster for Phase #1 of HGC 2018 will be Dob “QuackNiix” Engström, Filip “SmX” Liljeström, Pontus “Breez” Sjogren, Benjamin “BadBenny” Eekenulv and Thomas “Ménè” Cailleux.

You can see the new Heroes of the Storm roster compete at their first LAN event together in Beijing, China for the 2017 Gold Club World Championship on 27th November.