We would like to give a warm welcome to Markus ‘Blumbi’ Hanke, our new Heroes of the Storm coach.

Blumbi made a name for himself as a stalwart of Heroes esports as part of the mYinsanity (which would later become Misfits) lineup that became one of Europe’s most consistent teams throughout 2016.

He became indisputably one of the best tanks in the Western regions throughout his time as a player, before making the move from professional play to coaching at the end of last year.

“I am thankful and super excited - not only will I be working with five of the most talented players in the scene - but also to be part of the Fnatic family.

I believe we have not reached a final form yet. Where others see conflict, I see undiscovered synergies! Others see issues? I see solutions and the potential to become even stronger! A great future lies ahead of us and, with hard work and the correct guidance, I am hyped to support the team on their grind to the very top.

Thank you to Fnatic and sponsors for this opportunity! #FNCWIN #fnaticgear #monstergaming #unleashthebeast #DXFamily #Deezer #Ballistixgaming #amdgaming #msigaming” - Markus ‘Blumbi’ Hanke, Heroes of the Storm Head Coach

The 24-year old joined the team on a trial basis following our run in the HGC Phase #1 Western Clash at Katowice, but now joins an official hand of the team.

Blumbi assures us that he’ll back to streaming again in the near future, so make sure to keep an eye on his social media!

"I'm very happy to have Blumbi as part of the team! I think he has a lot to contribute as a coach and he comes in with the necessary mentality as he has been a pro player himself. It means it's easy for him to relate to our problems and do his best to ensure a bright future for us as a team." - Dob ‘Quackniix’ Engström, Heroes of the Storm captain

After our 3-0 victory over Leftovers on the weekend, we have confirmed our place at the Mid-Season Brawl at DreamHack Summer in Jönköping.

You can see the boys in play for their final game of EU HGC Phase #1 against Blumbi’s former organisation Team Liquid this Saturday.

We start off our Mid-Season Brawl on 9th June. Make sure to follow the boys as we fight to defend our international title.

Full Heroes of the Storm Management:

Senior Management: Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffmann

Head Coach: Markus ‘Blumbi’ Hanke