This is it. The time where legends are made is here as we are already approaching the penultimate week of the LEC regular season. We've secured our spot in the LEC Summer Split Playoffs and now it's time to ensure we are guaranteed to make an appearance in Athens as we look to win our sixth European League of Legends title.

This week, we face Excel Esports and Team Vitality - two teams who faced each other last week in a relatively evenly-matched contest. Though, neither of them appeared to be are on our level and won't be able to stop us from achieving a top-two finish.

Excel Esports - Stick to the office job

Our British chums over at Excel will have plenty of time for tea on Friday as we don't plan on spending too long with them on Summoner's Rift on Friday. Credit where credit is due, the team have recovered miraculously and were very impressive in their win over Splyce last week.

Nothing personal but we'll be putting their Playoffs hopes to rest this season as we continue our journey to glory. Their Mickey Mouse mid-laner had one good game this season but even if he wishes upon a star, it won't be enough to take down Tim "Nemesis" Lipovšek. There will be a entertaining battle in the jungle though as Marc "Caedrel" Lamont and our very own Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen both like to be active in the early game.

Excel nearly caught us out the last time we met but no matter what lead they accumulate we will knock them down and comeback once again.

Team Vitality - Non-runners

Team Vitality may have the Italian stallion but we will be one hurdle too high for him to jump. Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro finally looks like a great mid-laner again though that might just be compared to the games earlier in the season where he inted into tower.

Their ADC Amadeu "Attila" Carvalho loves to trash talk but that's only going to bring bad Karma his way. We'll likely see Martin "Rekkles" Larsson finally silence him when they clash on Saturday. Speaking of silence, has anybody seen Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet lately? He was the All-Star top-laner from Spring Split has been missing for the majority of Summer, we hope Gabriël "Bwipo" Rau will at least have a lane opponent this week. It won't matter if he makes an appearance or not, Jakub "Jactroll" Skurzyńsk will live up to the latter half of his Summoner Name when faced with Mr Hylisick aka Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov. We're taking a 2-0 week and another big step towards Athens.