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LOL | sOAZ Departs from Fnatic

“Quand tu regarderas le ciel, la nuit, puisque j’habiterai dans l’une d’elles, puisque je rirai dans l’une d’elles, alors ce sera pour toi comme si riaient toutes les étoiles. Tu auras, toi, des étoiles qui savent rire !

Et quand tu seras consolé (on se console toujours) tu seras content de m’avoir connu. Tu seras toujours mon ami.”

  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince

As an organisation, few players can create an impact as heavy as Paul ‘sOAZ’ Boyer. His Black and Orange story, steeped in every emotion possible, now comes to an end.

An era bookmarked between two World Championship Finals - sOAZ’ aAa gave us the ultimate challenge in 2011, to the extraordinary summit to which we strived in 2018 - barely needs more words to what the Frenchman has given to our team, all our fans and to the League of Legends community as a whole.

In over four years of competition, we’ve won five EU LCS titles, attended four World Championships and laughed thousands more times. Paul, you are a legend in every sense of the word.

A chapter may have closed but, after time has soothed sorrows, we will be content that we have known you.

Merci et bonne chance. See you again on Summoners’ Rift.

"It’s time for me to say goodbye once again to Fnatic. It was a rollercoaster but, in the end, we can call it a successful two years.

I would like to say thanks to every single teammate for the effort they have put in - to Jesiz, Martin, Caps, Maurice, Broxah, Bwipo, Hyli. I’d also like to thank the Fnatic front office and staff, and send my love especially to Pete, Patrik, Chul, Jacko and Michael."

Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer