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Easter is time for a fresh spring breeze,
To let go of that deep, sad winter freeze.

As the sun rides high before the west,
Come with us on this epic quest.

This is the Fnatic Easter Egg Hunt!
Win great prizes, race to the front.


We shall venture through the caves of YouTube,
Take turns into the forests of Instagram,
And perhaps a stop at a friend or two's tavern.

The fastest to find all the clues and reach the end of this grand online journey will win an incredible prize - from us and our partners - worth over €1000!

The first ten to reach the pot of gold will take home some of the exclusive winnings.

SIGN UP - you'll receive the first clue fifteen minutes before we release it to the public! The Hunt shall begin on Friday at 4PM CEST.

Over €2000 in prizes to be found!

SIGN UP for the early clue!

Good luck and get your thinking hat on!