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Overwatch: Vonethil and Hafficool drop to the bench

“To be good is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Overwatch itself is constantly shifting as a game and demands teams adapt if they want to stay at the top. Right now, we’re at the most competitive point since the esport first emerged and if we want to remain competitive, especially as we get closer to the Overwatch league, we need to react.

Today both Vonethil and Hafficool will be stepping down to the reserve roster. There is no doubting the quality or attitudes of either player, but there’s been a disparity in style emerging in the team that’s hindering us from moving forward as a unit.

“Vonethil and Hafficool are both fantastic players and I think it is best for both sides if they end up on a team they synergize well with and we find players who fill what we are missing to be the best we can be.” - Robert ‘Roflgator’ Malecki


Of course it goes without saying that we’re incredibly grateful and proud of the effort the boys have given us so far and having said that, we are not closing the door on either player at this point.

“I requested a while back to step down from the active roster, thus why I've streamed more as of late...I want to sincerely thank the management as I could not have asked for more as a player. They have always been there to support me, exceptional professionalism and providing a great home for me to develop as a player. Kommer sakna er.” - Oliver 'Vonethil' Lager

Moving forward, parties interested in the services of Vonethil or Hafficool should direct their enquiries to [email protected]