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POTM - All Hail the Unkillable Demon King!

Big congrats to Rekkles! The LCS team’s AD Carry has picked up our first Play of the Month award after his juggernaut display against Misfits in Spring’s 3rd place playoff match.

We came up with our three favourites: a fierce triple from Caps’ Aurelion Sol on our way to routing H2K, flusha’s 3k clearout of B site as we took down NiP and the unkillable Demon King Rekkles’ torment of MSF.

After nearly 4,000 of you had a say in our poll, the veteran Swede stole the award for himself claiming a massive 47% of the vote.

This was only one of the League player’s massive Kennen moves this month; his signature champion paying off big in the final weeks of the split. Now heading into the mid season break, we’ll be wondering if Rekkles breaks out the shuriken wielding Yordle when our boys return for summer - instaban if he does.