Wasn’t Paris Games Week incredible?

Thank you all for coming down to see our booth and repping the Black and Orange for one of the best and biggest games fairs of the year.

The crazy amount of support shown for Fnatic in France is overwhelming and we couldn’t be prouder to have fans walking around, sharing their love for our great community.

Hopefully you got to play our Vainglory team on the amazing OnePlus 5, or hang out with our Roma Esports FIFA players.

A big shoutout to Jbzz, Chap, MFTV, TonyFPS, Tonioo25, Beaniemillietv, Jeel TV and all the influencers who came to hang out with our amazing fans.

We had already started our collaboration with OnePlus, but this is the event we went big on for the ultimate mash-up of esports and mobile phones!

À (One) plus tard.