We can now welcome Mohammed Joseph ‘MummiSnow’ Salameh as the last cog in our Rocket League starting roster before we rev up to RLCS Season 6!

We can truly say we have built the Danish super team of Rocket League, with MummiSnow now playing alongside Nicolai ‘Snaski’ Andersen and Nicolai ‘Maestro’ Bang.

The Dane most recently played for Servette Geneva eSports, where he was the star player of the RLCS Season 5 European Promotion Playoffs, out of which both his old and new team made it to RLCS Season 6.

“My favorite part of the game is the opportunity to play at the highest level. We are going all the way this season and I couldn’t be more excited about proving it while wearing Black and Orange.” - Mohammed Joseph ‘MummiSnow’ Salameh

We recently announced the departure of Alexander ‘Siiki’ Karelin after a somewhat disappointing Season 5 in RLCS. Although the original trio, who signed with the Black and Orange almost a year ago, kept their place in the top division of Rocket League, we strive to become the best.

"After a difficult season in the RLCS, we all knew that something had to change. That's why - after months of tryouts, research, and hard work from Snaski and Maestro - we have chosen to assemble the Danish super team.

We are incredibly excited to add Mummisnow, who has been one of the hardest-working and most talented players in the scene for a long time now. We're delighted to be able to put him on the RLCS stage!" - Colin Johnson, Rocket League manager

Season 6 of RLCS begins on 9th September in Europe, but you’ll be able to see the boys gearing up to action in Season 4 of Gfinity Elite Series earlier this summer.


Nicolai ‘Snaski’ Andersen


Nicolai ‘Maestro’ Bang


Mohammed Joseph ‘MummiSnow’ Salameh