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It’s time to STOP PLAYING. Fnatic GEAR Generation 2 is here!

After a long time of design and tireless effort, we’re stoked to finally be bringing you a brand new hardware line. The STREAK and miniSTREAK Keyboards, and the CLUTCH 2 and FLICK 2 Mice are the latest in our professional gaming peripherals. All products are available in our shop now and can be with you as soon as May 10th!

STREAK (€129.99) is a super-thin, fully RGB mechanical keyboard optimized for esports, features versatile CHERRY® MX key switches, comfort-focused design, hundreds of completely customizable RGB lighting options, and a precision engineered metal build. miniSTREAK (€99.99) proves that mini can still be mighty, as it’s a fully powered RGB mechanical esports keyboard, with almost all the features of its big brother in an easy to travel tenkeyless form.

CLUTCH 2 (€59.99) is a lightweight, professional-grade mouse designed for right-handed users. It combines a best-in-class sensor, tier-1 build quality, textured grip, and a refined shape to offer gamers that added accuracy in the split second decision. FLICK 2 (€59.99) features a grip type and shape that favors gamers who prefer a more symmetrical feel.

“It’s been an incredible experience being invested in end-to-end product development of the Fnatic’s Gear Generation 2 line” said Felix Guerra, Fnatic Head of R&D and Engineering. “The team spent countless hours listening to feedback from players and fans, to create the product line that’s fully loaded with new features and built-in functionality to give gamers everything they need to perform.”

That’s not all though... We’re combining our Gen 2 GEAR launch with a brand new partnership with the biggest US retailer, Best Buy. Best Buy is a leading provider of tech products, services and solutions in the West, and will exclusively launch GEAR into 330 stores across America this month!

“At Fnatic, it is our mission to help bring esports into every household in the world, and the partnership with Best Buy, a household name across North America, is another important step on the way,” said Sam Mathews, Founder of Fnatic. “The relationship between Fnatic and Best Buy represents a unique opportunity to make the best esports equipment available to millions of gamers and continue contributing to the rapid growth of the esports industry.”

“Fnatic is an esports team respected around the globe, so we can’t wait for our customers to try these new products we created together, and bring their game to the next level.” Josh Will, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Best Buy.