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Welcome, Fnatic Paladins!

Today’s the day!

Last week we brought you the news that Fnatic, along with nine of the world’s top organisations, would be entering the Realm with the inaugural season of the Paladins Premier League.

Ever since the open beta dropped in September 2016, Paladins has been growing with more than 15 million players, pushing its way to the forefront of esports. We’re delighted that today we’re able to finally announce our new roster.

We’re delighted to welcome to Gerrah, Bugzy, Fisheko, Cybe8 and Thiel to the Fnatic family!

A young team, the former District 69 roster joins us already with a wealth of international experience, with Gerrah, Bugzy and Thiel already finding success at both DreamHack Summer 2016 and Paladins Masters Atlanta earlier this year.

"This team has been dominating the battlegrounds in the past, and we’re confident that they will continue to dominate under the Fnatic banner." - Jan 'Careion' Hoffman (Team Manager)

We can’t wait to see them going for the silverware in black and orange! You’ll be able to catch them in action when the first PPL matches commence so make sure to tune in and show them all your love and support!

"We are thrilled to be joining one of, if not the greatest, eSports organization in the world; Fnatic. Being a relatively young team, getting the support that Fnatic brings will be an insane boost to our professional career, allowing us to find success.

With the Paladins Pro League coming up, our hunger to win, combined with Fnatic's support and the winning mentality, give us all the tools to develop ourselves individually and as a team in order to stay ahead of the scene." - Jordy ‘Gerrah’ Haast (Player)

"Paladins is a promising esports title, with a very rapidly growing community. We’ve been following it’s development and believe it has a bright future. Today we’re very excited to announce our roster, that will be representing Fnatic in the Paladins Premier League and other Paladins competition." - Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffman (Team Manager)