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Assistant Coach (Valorant)

Fnatic is actively seeking a dedicated and perceptive Assistant Coach for our Valorant squad to reinforce our Head Coach's efforts in propelling our team to the zenith of competitive excellence. Based in Berlin, you will play a pivotal role in refining our team's strategies, bolstering player performance, and contributing to our unwavering quest for triumph in the Valorant competitive arena. Please submit any examples of work to support your application (analysis, map strategy, counter strategy, data usage).

Your mission is to:

  • Strategic Expertise: Collaborate with the Head Coach to develop and fine-tune tactical strategies for the Fnatic Valorant team, with a keen focus on counter-strategies and opponent analysis to gain a competitive edge
  • Player Development: Work closely with individual players to elevate their role and agent-specific proficiencies through personalised coaching, analysis, and rigorous practice sessions
  • Performance Analysis: Conduct comprehensive gameplay analysis to pinpoint areas for improvement, delivering actionable feedback to players
  • Mental Fortitude: Assist in cultivating mental resilience, unwavering focus, and unshakeable composure within the team, especially during high-stakes situations
  • Game Mastery: Assist with the construction of playbooks, game plans and strategies for all maps in the pool.
  • Communication Prowess: Facilitate crystal-clear and efficient in-game communication among players, ensuring seamless execution of strategies
  • Tournament Preparedness: Collaborate with the coaching and management staff to meticulously prepare the team for tournaments, incorporating opponent analysis and communicating that information in a digestible way to the team
  • Resource Optimisation: Manage practice time and resources efficiently, maximising productivity and player development
  • Player Wellbeing: Provide unwavering support for players' emotional and mental welfare, fostering a positive, growth-oriented environment
  • Fnatic Values: Embrace and champion Fnatic's core values, nurturing a culture rooted in ambition, authenticity, and pioneering spirit

We're looking for:

  • A stellar coaching track record in competitive FPS esport titles
  • A strategic mastermind, capable of dissecting gameplay and devising winning strategies
  • An effective communicator, both in conveying tactical instructions and fostering team cohesion. You understand that success in esports is a result of collective effort
  • A deep passion for esports and awareness of the ever-evolving competitive landscape
  • Mental fortitude and emotional intelligence; you'll be instrumental in keeping our players focused and resilient during intense competitions
  • A connection to Fnatic's values of ambition, authenticity, and pioneering spirit, that resonates with your leadership style

Company benefits

Private medical insurance
Self-development book requests for the Fnatic Library
30% Fnatic shop discount
Fruit, drinks and snacks available daily in the office
Regular lunch clubs and other social activities
Hybrid onsite/distributed working policy