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Dota 2 question

Dota 2 question

Hi, not sure if we have any contact with the Dota 2 team,

But wanted to ask what the plan is for Dota 2, is Fnatic still intending to succeed and invest in the sport? Or are we pulling out?

Currently Fnatic is playing without a coach, which seems surprising considering we we played in internationals last year. Especially as its been a month or two since Sunbhie was removed. Seems quite crazy for an org of our standing to have no coach.

Plus we lost one of the best carries in the league in Raven, and picked up one of the worst (stats and performance) in the league (over the last 2 years). Where we only managed 4th in a tier 2 event against teams in div 2. As an addition he did less damage then our pos 5 in a game on Monday, which i think is the first time i've ever seen that happen.

As we don't see anything from the dota team, as I think the focus is communicating on Facebook, we don't get to see much of what's going on. Just wondering if the lack of western audience has led to us stepping back?

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