This is a demo of our page builder and new CMS


A page quickly mocked up to demonstrate the power of our new Sanity based page builder, all of this was mocked up and launched in 10 minutes from within the CMS.

Industry Leading Tech

Built with industry leading tools and technologies

Highly Performant

Extremely fast and performant for our users

Easy Content Management

Content managed by an industry leading platform


Built in a modular, lego block style with Storybook

Great Foundation

A great foundation for rolling out our tech roadmap

So, what's new?

  • Rebuilt from the ground up on a brand new tech stack, more details below.
  • All content on the site is now managed via Sanity CMS, making updates much easier.
  • The codebase is much easier to maintain and build on in the future.
  • Future plans to become a full app with a shop layer and various other features.
  • Bunch of awesome new features in the current version, more details below.
  • Further features and tech roadmap planned out.

Built in a brand new tech stack consisting of some of the industry leading tools and technologies

Some more information below

Next JS

Next JS - Is a React framework for creating modern static sites, it's essentially the main framework that the site is fundamentally built in - find out more about it here.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS - Is a CSS framework for rapid front-end scaffolding, it essentially lets us build out new modules or page templates really quickly and efficiently while sticking to our new design system rules - find out more about it here.

Sanity CMS

Sanity CMS - Is a modern, super flexible content management system, used to create this page! Almost every aspect of the new site is now editable through this interface - Find out more about it here.


Storybook - is an open source tool for building UI components and pages in isolation. It allows us to build new modules in a way that they are really re-usable, lowering technical debt - Find out more about it here.

Key New Features

New modern design with bespoke pages for key areas like “About”, “Careers”, “Esports” with various modular blocks we can use throughout.

We can embed various media from the CMS, check out the example below of the autoplaying looped video.

We now have a dedicated, designed careers landing page and pull our latest career opportunities into the site via Lever API.

We now show when talent is live on twitch dynamically via Twitch API. Check out the example on any of the talent profiles in the esports section.

The entire site is now editable via Sanity, a modern Content Management System that gives us a tonne of flexibility to easily create new rich content. Give us a shout on #Tech21 Slack if you would like an invite to use the CMS.

Various new ways to push content on the site, including these nice new block examples below that can link to both internal and external content.

The site has been designed and built with both dark and light modes in mind. Test it out by hitting the toggle button in the footer below.

Content rich esports section of the website where all our current roster and current talent information can be found. Check out an example by visiting our new League Of Legends team page.

The home page now acts as a feed where we can easily show the latest updates and releases. Check it out here.

Linked from the home page and their own dedicated “Partners” page - each partner now have their own case studies to show off. Check it out in full here or check the example of our new widget below.

We can now showcase our gear in various areas, such as the home page feed, as well as showcasing which gear the users favourite talent uses. Check out the example below!

Products for youSee all
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Mouse BungeeYour perfect Fnatic cursor companionShop Mouse Bungee
miniSTREAKRGB mechanical esports keyboardShop miniSTREAK
IP V2 HoodieFnatic branded drawcords and eyeletsShop IP V2 Hoodie
DashElite esports performance-enhancing mousepadShop Dash
React+Esports performance gaming headsetShop React+
2021 Pro JerseyCreated to push performanceShop 2021 Pro Jersey


Found a bug, got a feature suggestion or cool idea? Give us a shout on the #Tech21 channel on Slack or fill out the feedback form below.

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