A new challenger on the scene, Fnatic Halo stands out as our newest team, a young roster ready to prove themselves on the world stage. Based out of North America, they’ll take on legendary teams in the HCS and forge their path to the World Championship. We might be the new kids on the block, but we’re primed & ready to dominate this breakneck, legendary esport.

Lock & Load, Spartans!

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Sidekick & ARFnatic

`We are very excited to be welcoming Envore, Sceptify, SuperCC, and Juziro to Fnatic to start a new era of Halo for this organisation. Over the last few months, we have interviewed dozens of players, spoken to a few full rosters, and even run a combine of our own to see what players could do in a different environment. We attended Raleigh as a final testing ground for the players we were interested in; an opportunity to show us what they had and change our minds. These boys showed so much potential and passion during the event - they seemed like a perfect fit for what we are building. Their ceiling is so high and I cannot wait to see what they can achieve given time, resources and the help of our coach, Strobe.’

Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson