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Lea Heiermann

Lea “PilotCeeBee” Heiermann is a German streamer who joined Fnatic Network in August 2021 and is currently in the Gold Tier. Her main game is Valorant, which she has played professionally, but she loves playing League of Legends and TFT every now and then as well.


Since the beginning of 2021 I test out and present to you new agents, maps and skins in Valorant before they are released.


2020 - First steps

March 2020: Started Streaming

November 2020: 1000 Followers

2021 - Riot & Valorant

January 2021: Riot picked me up as one of their Creators to test new Valorant Ingame Changes and Additions

2021 - Twitch

May 2021: Twitch Partner. I got surprised and told during my stream!

June 2021: First Twitch Rivals Riot Games. My teammates were rAx, Nookyyy, pAn, shortytv. Had an amazing 1:11 to 13:12 comeback on Haven against the Turkish Team.

2021 - Fnatic Network

August 2021: Saw a commercial for Fnatic Network and applied. Got picked up the next day and joined Fnatic Network!

2021 - VCT Broadcast Team

August 2021: First time as part of the VCT Broadcast Team. I was extremely nervous since I was the first women in the German scene to be part of the Broadcast. I wanted to earn my spot in the team and was super happy with all the positive feedback!


Summer 2022

She will become a licensed commercial Airline pilot


Is the name of her cat



5 languages

She speaks German and English fluently, a bit of Latin, Spanish and Chinese

Valorant tester

Riot picked her to test new agents, maps and skins


Followers on Social Media platforms