Fnatic Rhobalas


Valentin Ancelin

Former professional player and now full time creator, French League of Legends talent Valentin “Rhobalas” Ancelin was the second talent to be signed from Fnatic Network onto the main roster. Rhobalas was born in the North of France in a small town called Liévin, near Lens and Lille, and lived there until he moved to Paris in 2020. Having won Twitch Rivals draft in 2020, Rhobalas has a long history as a caster and analyst for O Gaming TV in France.

Rhobalas plays League of Legends, Sea of Thieves, Fall Guys and other random games where he can interact with his community!

"It means a lot to be in a legacy organisation that has had a lot of successful French players like soaZ and YellowStar, it means that I'm the second wave of French talent for Fnatic."


Favourite Champion






1st Place - Open Tour France


1st Place - Twitch Rivals EU
Before Fnatic

Pro Career

I am a former professional player in League of Legends. It is my favourite game. I was a pro in the French scene before the LFL / Div 2 system came out.
While I’ve always been a formidable player, I stopped playing competitively after my first season as I wanted to stream so that I’d never have the regret of not knowing if I could make it as a content creator.
- Rhobalas
April 2020

Fnatic Network

Rhobalas' journey started in Fnatic Network

"For my stream it was a huge change because I got some new people coming onto my stream after I joined."

The new audience and the interactions Rhobalas had with them, helped him build confidence while streaming, gave him a solid audience and got him signed on the main Fnatic Creator roster!

Want to level up your stream? Apply to Fnatic Network here.


Joined Fnatic

After 1 year in Fnatic Network, Rhobalas was one of the first creators who graduated and became part of our main creator roster!

During the group stages of our Worlds 2021 run, Rhobalas joined hundreds of others at our watchparty in Paris at the Rex!


Fnatic x Rhobalas

AKA Le maitre de la geometrie

Rhobalas wanted to make something easy to wear as part of a casual outfit. The first Fnatic x Rhobalas apparel drop was a great success with graphics inspired by his favourite champion Vel’Koz, space and time.

Keep an eye out for potential drops in the future!


Studied 2D and 3D infographic animation


Wants to do cool streams related to Pokémon Go

Flex Gang

Group of French streamers Rhobalas was part of.


He's a big fan of squids, so his logo makes sense!


Huge Shrek fan, which has become a meme!

Prep To Play

Rhobalas x L’Oréal Men Expert

Want to Level up your streaming and content creation preparation? We met with Rhobalas to learn more about how he Preps to Play thanks to L’Oréal Men Expert!