Fnatic CSGO


Fredrik Jorgensen

RoeJ joins as a rifler/entry fragger, bringing a consistent ability in entry-fragging to the squad. He had this to say about his arrival in Fnatic:

Today begins a new chapter in my CSGO career as I say goodbye to Copenhagen Flames. We've had an insane year with results i could never imagine going in to the team 1 year ago. I want to give huge thanks to everyone behind Copenhagen Flames and the team. I wish the best for my team and everyone there.

On that note I'm super thrilled to finally say that I have joined Fnatic and I can't wait to get to work with the guys here. I think the dynamics of personality and playstyle together with Fnatic as an organization, will workout amazing. There is going to be some new challenges and a lot of work ahead and I'm going to give everything I can to bring Fnatic and myself as a player to the heights of competitive CSGO.

Fredrik ‘roeJ’ Jorgensen