Martin Hansen

The King of trash talk, Wunder is a veteran of the toplane. With multiple LEC titles under his belt, he brings a wealth of knowledge and outplay potential to the team whether that’s playing weakside tanks like his signature Gragas or carries like Gangplank.


1st EU All-Pro Team


2nd EU All-Pro Team


3rd EU All-Pro Team


LEC Titles


MSI Title
Nov 2021

Joined Fnatic

In November 2021, we picked up Wunder from his favourite fast-food chain.


Fnatic X ASOS

During Spring Split, ASOS got the team together and gave them each £500 to spend on their online store, with the goal of kitting out one of their teammates in a fresh new outfit! Who had the best 'fit? Who griefed their teammates? Find out in ASOS Secret Stylist!

Made a lot of personal sacrifices to ensure I'd be playing this year.. I'm happy it's an experienced organization and a roster I believe in.



Favourite All-Time Champion

Steak / BBQ

Favourite Food


Would roleswap to Mid/Jungle if needed


player in the LEC to reach 1,000 kills


When did you start playing League of Legends?

Preseason 1, my cousin introduced me and we played together for a very long time!

What got you hooked on League of Legends?

Game was just fun and I needed a game to play alongside World of Warcraft at the time.

What Champion(s) did you start maining first?

I had most playing Sona in ranked Season 1, but I dont remember what I started playing.

Why did you choose your position?

I started maining jungle but then in preseason 4 I felt like every toplaner was bad so I roleswapped.

What do you think is the most impactful position and why?

Jungle/Mid/Support depends on meta/champs played but they have most impact generally.