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Martin Hansen

A veteran, dominating figure on the top lane by day, & professional MMO player by night, who we’ve recently rescued from a crumbling fast food chain.


1st EU All-Pro Team


2nd EU All-Pro Team


3rd EU All-Pro Team


LEC Titles


MSI Title
Nov 2021

Joined Fnatic

In November 2021, we picked up Wunder from his favourite fast-food chain.


Fnatic X ASOS

During Spring Split, ASOS got the team together and gave them each £500 to spend on their online store, with the goal of kitting out one of their teammates in a fresh new outfit! Who had the best 'fit? Who griefed their teammates? Find out in ASOS Secret Stylist!

Made a lot of personal sacrifices to ensure I'd be playing this year.. I'm happy it's an experienced organization and a roster I believe in.



Favourite All-Time Champion

Steak / BBQ

Favourite Food


Would roleswap to Mid/Jungle if needed


player in the LEC to reach 1,000 kills

Fnatic Teaches Noob

Probably the most grief yet...and Wunder loves it. Watch Fnatic Teaches Noob with Wunder below!


When did you start playing League of Legends?

Preseason 1, my cousin introduced me and we played together for a very long time!

What got you hooked on League of Legends?

Game was just fun and I needed a game to play alongside World of Warcraft at the time.

What Champion(s) did you start maining first?

I had most playing Sona in ranked Season 1, but I dont remember what I started playing.

Why did you choose your position?

I started maining jungle but then in preseason 4 I felt like every toplaner was bad so I roleswapped.

What do you think is the most impactful position and why?

Jungle/Mid/Support depends on meta/champs played but they have most impact generally.