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Lemon Tea Dion Asuchini zTeemper

Clash Royale

Clash Royale Team Introduction

In 2016 the mobile gaming industry was forever changed with Supercell’s smashing hit: Clash Royale. The game closely stems from Clash of Clans, but took a more competitive approach. With 27.4 million individual participants from 84 different countries around the globe, all attempting to qualify for the inaugural Clash Royale League. With those impressive statistics, we look to dive head first into Clash Royale by signing a unique and talented roster.

A team with players from all around the world, each with a different competitive background than the next. From players with international recognition like zTeemper and Dion, to the new kids on the block like Asuchini and Lemon Tea.

With the support of Supercell and NGE the first ever Clash Royale League was launched earlier this year. You can catch all of the action broadcasted every week on YouTube, and it all leads up to the World Finals in December.

Clash Royale Team Achievements

Live Statistics & Milestones

Year of creation 2018
Total matches played 0
Total matches won 0
Highest rank #0
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