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All the post game stats you could want

View the match summary and tap into a game of your choice and scroll down to see the game broken down for highlights

League of Legends

Detailed Summary

Compare at a glance how each team faced off, view KDA, picks, bans and more with this easy to digest breakdown.

League of Legends

Player Head to Heads

See how the pros faced off against each other based on their role. The damage dealt meter helps visualise at a glance.

League of Legends

Build Details

Tap any champion to see their abilities, summoner spells, runes, trinkets and items breakdown.


Round by Round

Round by round outcomes available. See who starts on attack and defence and how the map played out.


Player Stats

KDAs, ACS and more. Scroll to see how our boys did compared to the opposition.


Aggregated Stats

For BO3s and 5s. See the totals for both teams before diving deeper for the breakdown.

Match Wraps

Predict the results

Ascend the leaderboard

The Tournament Leaderboard continues to update after each game

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Have your say, pick an mvp

Voting opens as soon as a game finishes. Pick your favourite and we'll notify you as soon as voting closes with the results

Get behind the scenes content

Get behind the scenes with interviews dropping for tournaments from your favourite players only available on the app

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