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Grow your audience, develop your game, meet other creators, form friendships and partnerships, and earn real rewards for chasing your dreams, all with the support of Fnatic.

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A grassroots talent initiative that seeks out and levels up content creators, influencers and esports athletes. Our mission is to support promising talent to grow and develop into the next generation of top performers.

Up your gameDedication and passion are your key ingredients, and with the help of Fnatic Network, you can begin to see real growth in both viewers and opportunities.
Get rewardedAs your brand grows, so do your benefits - with the top talent in the Platinum Program earning a six-month contract with a shot at becoming a full-time Fnatic creator.

For every competitor

If you’ve got the talent, you’ll get your chance. Fnatic Network is designed to enable content creators of all backgrounds and gender identities to perform better at every level, with equal opportunity.

Our tiers

Whether you’re just starting out or already have thousands of followers, we have a tier to support and reward you.


The work starts here, at our entry level tier. Whether you’re early in your journey, or keeping it low-key, our Silver tier is a great place to start.

What you get:

Access to the Fnatic Network community Discord
The Fnatic Network streaming guide
Fnatic Network dedicated streaming assets

Entry requirements:

0-200 ccu+*, Combined social reach of 2k, Streamed over 300 hrs**, Competitively ranking in a title


The high-performance tier for growth. You’re on the radar, and get more personalised support to help you reach the next level.

What you get:

Personalised welcome pack
Brand building workshops with Fnatic staff
Access to Q&A sessions with Fnatic talent team
Potential to participate in Fnatic brand partner campaigns

Entry requirements:

200 ccu+*, Combined social reach of 10k, Streamed over 600 hrs**, Competitively ranking in a title


A bespoke tier designed to educate and develop the very top performing creators from Fnatic Network and build them up to be future faces of content creation.

What you get:

Monthly salary
Fully customised and exclusive welcome kit
Training, mentoring and development workshops

Entry requirements:

800 ccu+*, Combined social reach of 100K, Streamed over 800 hrs**, Competitively ranking in a title

*3 month average **12 month average

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