Presale Access

Discounted prices for both Pioneer and Core keys will be available to everyone on our presale list during the presale dates. Strictly limited availability.

Who can claim a spot?

First Blood

All Fnatic ID members with a "First Blood" badge are eligible for presale. Thanks for trying out Fnatic ID earlier than the rest - you're a true early bird!


To those that believed in us, thank you! All our investors are eligible for a presale spot. Make sure your Fnatic ID email matches your crowdfunding email.

Shop Customers

If you've purchased on previously, you will be able to claim your presale spot. Make sure your Fnatic ID email matches the email you purchased with before attempting to claim.

Discord Users

We're honoring our community that have been with us along our journey. If you last joined the Fnatic Discord Server prior to the 29th of March 2022. Connect your Discord account on Fnatic ID before attempting to claim a presale spot.

Having Trouble?

If you're having trouble claiming your presale spot, please read the instructions below to help overcome some common problems.


Email check

If you are part of our investors, crowdfunders or previous shop customer and are unable to claim a presale spot, please verify the email on your Fnatic ID account that you are logged into matches the email you purchased with and/or used for investor updates.

  • Visit your account section on Fnatic ID.
  • Verify the email that you used to sign up with is correct, or change it if not.
  • If you used a social provider to create your account, you can still update your email to match your purchase/investor email.
  • Once complete, please attempt to claim a presale spot again.


Discord check

In order to verify your Discord ID was part of our Discord server prior to March 21st, we will check against your Discord User ID.

  • Connect your Discord Account on Fnatic ID
  • Verify the account you're connecting is the account you use on Fnatic Discord
  • After successfully connecting, please try and claim a presale spot again
If you are still having issues claiming your Presale Spot, please contact our customer support team who will be happy to look into this for you.