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Please enter the key details below that you wish to validate, with this information we can verify the legitimacy.



Below you'll find the technical information regarding our keys to help you recognise legitimate keys.


Blockchain Contracts

Each token is minted based off a contract. This contract is deployed to the blockchain for everybody to inspect. As we have 3 tiers of membership, we have 3 contracts. The contract address should never change, if you see a key with a different contract address then you know it is fake.

Our contract uses the ERC-721 standard on the Polygon network. This means that each key that is minted has a unique Token ID that can be tracked via PolygonScan. Do not use anything else like Etherscan as it's not on the main Ethereum blockchain.

Our ONLY official contracts are listed below:


OpenSea Collections

One of the most popular marketplaces and showcase websites is OpenSea. Our official collection is listed on here, however it is common for copycats to list fake versions.

Below is a list of the ONLY official collection links that you should use. If you find a fake we encourage you to report the collection to help your fellow fans.


Blockchain Explorer

One of the benefits of being on the blockchain is that all data is visible for scrutiny. As we're using the Polygon network you will need to use PolygonScan to explore it.

Below are our ONLY official links for PolygonScan, you can use these to monitor the transactions, quantity sold, transfers, authenticity of tokens and our wallet activity.

If you are still unsure, feel free to reach out to our help portal with the information and we can investigate more.