Hisense - FIFA World Cup 22

Can you take on Tekkz?

Loading...In partnership with Hisense and in celebration of the FIFA World Cup, we are inviting 3 fans to take on Tekkz as England moves through the first round of group stages. Streamed matches will be played on the following dates: 20th Nov (Iran), 24th Nov (USA) and 28th Nov (Wales). Those who enter will be randomly selected to play on one of the dates listed above and will play as the opposing team. Tekkz will control the England side. We know that Tekkz is going to be hard to beat, so we have a few rules that will only apply to him, making it easier for you to come out on top. Players who score an opposing goal against Tekkz will win a signed Fnatic jersey. Entrants must have access to a PS5 console and the latest version of EA’s FIFA 23. Games will be played live during Tekkz’ stream on his official Twitch channel. Players will be connected via Discord and voices will be heard. No camera required. Exact timings and dates subject to change*.

T&Cs apply.