jacklinks valo invitational

Join the Jack Link's Invitational - 11th June, 2pm BST on Twitch!

SUPER excited to announce my upcoming Jack Link's Valorant Invitational.

Wanna take part? You're invited to compete in or cheer on competitors during the stream.

There'll also be opportunities to win amazing prizes including Jack Link's and FNATIC goodies, as well as your very own Chillblast PC! Fancy levelling up your gaming and channelling your inner Beef Mode?! Find out how below...


Beef and I will be running a BO3 Tournament (two teams going head-to-head), but with some twists... 👀 I'll be adding in some fun challenges along the way (we're talking knife-only, one Agent only etc.) just to add some chaos!

Our winning team will each receive:

  • a case of Jack Link's Beef Jerky
  • a Jack Link's Hoodie
  • a FNATIC MiniStreak Speed Keyboard.

There'll also be prizes for the runner up team!

What are you waiting for?



The stream will be filled to the 'Brim' with opportunities to win Jack Link's and FNATIC goodies, including a breathtaking FNC Pioneer PC.

Don't miss your chance...tune in on Sunday!

The Legal Bits

The Megsoundslikeegg Invitational will take place on the 11th June 2023 on Meg's official Twitch channel at 2pm.

T&C's apply for those wanting to enter the tournament and the prize raffles.

Tournament Terms and Conditions

Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

Multipack Prize Draw Terms and Conditions